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Injection Mould for Car Lamps
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cristallight car injection mold


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Mold description

Mold Description
Product Material:PC
Mold Material:2344
Number of Cavities:1*2
Glue Feeding Method:Side Gate
Cooling Method:Oil Cooler

Mold Marking Procedure /Process

cristallight car injection mold

Production scenarios

cristallight car injection mold

cristallight car injection mold

cristallight car injection mold

cristallight car injection mold


How long does it take for each stage to work after the mold contract is signed?

1. After signing the contract, there will be 3-4 days to check with the customer first, and the two parties will communicate some specific requirements of the mold;

2. The mold design time is about 5-7 days, and material procurement will be carried out in the same period;

3. The mold production time is about 20-35 days, which varies according to the size and complexity of the mold;

4. The mold trial and inspection time is about 2-3 days; 

5. After the T1 mold test, the mold perform is about 3-5 days, and then the T2 mold test is performed again. Generally, there are 3 mold tests to basically meet the requirements.

How can I get the quotation?

We will prepair the quotation in 24 hours if getting detailed information during working days.In order to quote for you earlier, please provide us the following information together with your inquiry.

1) 3D date and 2D Drawings

2) Material requirement

3) Surface requirment

4) Quantity (per order/per month/annual)

5) Any special demands or requirements, such as packing, labels, delivery, etc.

How do you ensure the quality of the mold?

1. We have a high level "Mold Inspection Standard", a complete set of strict mold inspection system and an excellent inspection team.

2. We can provide inspection reports and purchase certificates for all materials of the mold.

Does your company provide product design services?

1. Absolutely. We have support many clients from Europe and North America develement their new products.

2. You only need to provide requirements, your requirements can be a picture or a few sketches, our engineers can connect with you.

3. We will sign the "Confidentiality Agreement for Entrusted Product Design" and "Intellectual Property Agreement" with you.

How is your after-sales service and local support maintenance?

1. We have after-sales service points or mold cooperative manufacturers in Europe, North America and South America.

2. We will participate in international key exhibitions every year. Euromold, Fakuma, Formnext, NPE are the important exhibitions we often attend. Customers can meet us at the exhibition site. After the exhibition, we will visit local customers.

3. We have a professional after-sales service team, which will visit customers at least once a year and make some maintenance work.

cristallight car injection mold

cristallight car injection mold

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